5 Bullets

by L.A. Pistols

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The self-produced demo, recorded in garages, bedrooms and Cascade studios in Hollywood, CA.

The L.A. Pistols would like to thank Andre Comeau, Hollywood Phil Majdalani, and the great people at Cascade Studios. And Donna Casey, for all her patience.


released July 15, 2014

Daniel Luger: guitars, vocals
Jenny Derringer: bass, vocals
Michael Magnum: drums, vocals

Songs 1,2 and 5 by Ferstman/Borden
Songs 3 & 4 by Daniel Borden

Engineered and produced by Daniel Borden



all rights reserved


L.A. Pistols Los Angeles, California

The L.A. Pistols are Daniel Luger (vocals and guitars), Jenny Derringer (bass) and Michael Skogman (drums). Daniel and Michael played together in an incarnation of Ladyheat; Jenny and Daniel met through minor Los Angeles legend Hollywood Phil. The Pistols are bonded by their love of raw, hard rock and roll. Sometimes brutally direct, sometimes experimental, always powerful. ... more

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Track Name: The Walls Come Down
The Walls Come Down

Happy to sad
Good gone bad
The blood flows free
And I see red

When hot runs cold
And sugar ain’t sweet
And everything I touched was in the street, yeah

Shut your mouth
Try to figure it out
Suppress that feeling one more time
And wipe that memory out my mind this time

The walls come down

The walls come…

When push comes to shove
And it always will
I’m a cold detonator and uh
Better still
I’m a real live wire
A stick of dynamite
Hot-wired from hell to set the fuse alight
Track Name: Black & White
Black & White

I live in a cage
I need to behave
You thought you’re all the rage
But you’re just an empty page

Depression’s taking over me
Like some sort of disease
Driven by the thoughts in your head

Desperation feeds your alibis
Talk in color
But the truth’s in black and white
Black and white
Black and white

Thought you’d leave me cold
But you’re always there
Always slinking low
Never disappear
Track Name: Got the Draw On You
Got the Draw on You

I see you off in the distance
You’re moving in fast and hard
I know you by reputation
You’re known for taking down stars

You’re not my first reputation
Out here they always come round
You know I'm taking all comers
I put ‘em all in the ground
So get down

Think you can try me
Think again
You’ve got it tough
I got the draw on you
I got the draw on you

You’ve got a rep
You’ll never win
It’s not enough
I got the draw on you
I got the draw on you
You know my aim is true

You want to bogart my business
You got your eye on what’s mine
But weigh your fear and desire
Because these Pistols they shine

The high stakes table is waiting
But every throw has a price
These dice we’re throwing are loaded
This table’s colder than ice
So think twice
Track Name: Come In From the Cold
Come In From the Cold

Oh, it’s been raining
For far too long
I see you’re soaking right through baby
I know it’s wrong

I know you’re gifted
The things you say
You’ve got such a tender turn of phrase
Your special way

'Cos suffering's long
And needing gets old
I got your cup of comfort, baby
You know it's warm inside
Why not come in from the cold

My fire’s burning
Come lose that chill
Come get a glass of what you like
I’ll keep it filled
And when you want it
No asking twice
I know you need it when you want it
There ain’t no price

You know it’s not wrong
It’s bought and it’s sold
You'll never need for nothing baby
You know it's warm inside
Why not come in from the cold?

You know it's not wrong
It's bought and it's sold
You'll never need for nothing
You know it's warm inside
Why not come in from the

Your back's to the wall
That's when the stories get told
You'll never hear the whispers
I'll keep you warm inside
Why not come in from the cold?
Track Name: Can't Keep Me Down
You Can’t Keep Me Down

Well I know every trick
Every snake in the bush
Every con, every shark that got took
I’ll state my case and
I’ll do it again
I still got my pride
‘Cos in the end
I always win

Well I’ve seen every scam
Every shot in the dark
And I’ve been taken by a few

I gotta laugh
When you try me again
I’ll still take you down
‘Cos in the end I always win…

You can’t keep me down
I spin like a record
I keep going ‘round
Round, round and round
I rise to the top
I ain’t never gonna stop
You can’t keep me down
Can’t keep me down